About Us

SoldSimple online retail shop, originated from Hong Kong since 2011, we advocate simplicity and believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The accessories we wear represents who we are so they should be as unique as our personality, different than the rest, one of a kind.

SoldSimple has rigorous but optimistic attitude, collecting quality fashion products, leather goods, perfumes, accessories, cosmetics, etc. from different places, each of our products are carefully selected, and then share it with the customer, so that customers can be simple and easy to buy appropriate high-quality fashion products.

NOT a Simple Task
Our goal is simple marketing, Let customers enjoy the best shopping experience. Reduce cost - we sell product online and rebate to customer. Minimize customer inconvenience - Our Products almost 100% in stock, almost 100% free delivery. Our aim is to satisfy our customer, let them shop easy and happy.


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