USA Blenders Eyewear® A Series Athena Star

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Brand: Blenders Eyewear®

Type: Sunglasses

The ‘Athena Stars’ are the ultimate combination of a classic aviator style with bright, exciting colors. 
They’re for those who want to have some fun in the sky, who want to fly flashy while appreciating the sights from great heights.
If you want to harken back to that golden era where movies were silent and pilots could capture the national imagination, it’s hard to go wrong with these shades.

- Classic Teardrop Shape

- Shiny Gold Frame

- Polarized Green Lenses

- Microfiber Pouch Included

- Dimensions: 5.5in. (front), 2in. (tall), 5.125in. (arms)

- Designed in USA

- Made in Taiwan

- Official Website:

Product Code: ACAS00177BD


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